Middle Sister Jewelry offer a number of coastal inspired collections. 

Beach Glass

Our Beach Beach glass collection includes rare, hard to find colors or shapes and glass with visible words on them. For every 15 green or amber pieces of beach glass we find, we may find one or two aqua or cobalt blue pieces of glass. To shop our Beach Glass collection click here https://middlesisterjewelry.com/t/sea-glass-rare


Beach Shells

All of our beach shells are hand collected from beaches we visit. We gently tumble them to bring out their luster and then create a beautiful necklace often pairing the shell with a freshwater cultured pearl and Swarovski crystals. Our beach shell necklaces are available with sterling silver chains or silicon cord with a sterling silver lobster claw clasp. To view our beach shell collection click here https://middlesisterjewelry.com/t/sterling-silver-chain


Beach Stones

We hand collect all of our beach stones from beaches we visit and tumble them for weeks until they become perfect. We offer beach stones with a silicon cord necklace with a sterling clasp or on a steel chain. Our beach stone collection includes beach stones from the United States, England (Brighton Beach and Whitstable Beach), and Greece (Sykia Beach). 

To view our Beach Stone collection click here https://middlesisterjewelry.com/t/silicone-cord-necklace



All of our earrings are designed with our beach glass, beach shells or beach stones and oftentimes we use semi precious gem stones. We use only sterling silver ear wires. To view our earring collection click here https://middlesisterjewelry.com/t/earrings


Bracelets - Leather

Our leather bracelets use Italian leather and Portuguese cork. We design a variety of styles and sometimes incorporate small pieces of beach glass. We offer single and multiple strand bracelets. To view our collection of leather bracelets click on this link https://middlesisterjewelry.com/t/bracelets


Bracelets - Stainless Steel

Our collection of stainless steel bracelets are an easy on/easy off cuff bracelet and are designed with beach glass, sterling silver stopper beads, Czech glass beads, and silver spacer beads. We design the bracelets with 3 pieces of beach glass. To view our bracelet collection click here https://middlesisterjewelry.com/t/bracelet

Master Pieces

We launched a line of fused glass and mosaic jewelry. Whether you prefer bold colorful designs or muted subtle colors, we have something for you. To visit our website for our fused glass and mosaic collection click here Master Pieces