Leather - Mini Single Strand

Please list your exact wrist size such as 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, etc.

Our mini single leather bracelets are perfect for fashion minded gals and guys and are great for any season. We use Italian leather or Portuguese cork and incorporate design elements to create a fashion statement just for you. 

Materials: Italian leather or Portuguese cork, silver, copper or brass sliders, ceramic sliders, rubber O rings and a strong magnetic clasp.

Color: We offer many colors including black, white, tan, turquoise, sea foam, aqua, brown, navy blue, etc. Let us know if you want a particular color. I am sure we can accommodate your request. 

Leather Width: 5 mm flat leather

Wrist Size: Please give us your exact wrist size so we can design your bracelet. We usually about 1/2 in to the final bracelet. 

NOTE: We make many different styles of our leather bracelets and they sell fast! If you don't see a bracelet for you shown here, please email us and tell us what you want. We can make it for you.